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Doug Revolta has been a motoring journalist for more than eight years. He is currently Head of Video for What Car? and is in charge of scripting, presenting and producing all of the editorial content that appears on What Car?’s YouTube channel. As well as this, he writes reviews for the brand in print and online.

Doug joined What Car? and Autocar in 2014 and since then has worked across both editorial teams first as an Editorial Assistant and then as a Reviewer. He also spent time working with the Autocar India team in Mumbai in 2016.

Before joining Haymarket, Doug wrote about football and was published by the Guardian, London Evening Standard and Independent among others; he also worked as a producer for talkSPORT radio.

He has a degree in English Literature from Roehampton University, including an Erasmus placement at Stockholm University, and an NCTJ Advanced Diploma in Journalism.

Doug is an expert in:

  • Video presenting and production
  • Car testing
  • Electric cars
  • Consumer advice

Doug Revolta Q&A

What’s the best piece of advice you could offer a car buyer?

Read, watch, drive, repeat. Any car purchase is important and expensive so you should make yourself as informed as possible on the products you’re thinking about investing in. Immerse yourself in written reviews, video reviews, owner forums, and everything else. Then, of course, make sure you go out and try before you buy.

What’s the best car you’ve ever driven?

Dealing in the brutal reality of impartial and objective reviews, it takes a lot to shake me out of a sensible mindset. I’ve driven plenty of praise-worthy cars but the experience that has stayed with me the longest is driving the Morgan 3 Wheeler. And funnily enough, it’s a car I’d struggle to recommend anyone to buy. It’s got no roof, no doors, it’s hugely expensive for what it is. But every single yard travelled in it is an adventure, and nothing else with four (or three) wheels gets close, for me. Apart from a Sinclair C5.

What will the car market look like in 20 years?

Well 20 years ago diesel was all the rage, and it’s fair to say quite a lot has changed in the intervening years.

It’s surely a safe bet to assume electric cars will become increasingly common – although I’d still expect the used market to be flooded with fuel-powered cars.

Transitioning to electric is costing manufacturers a lot of money, so we’ll probably see an even greater increase in partnerships and resource-sharing among brands.

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