Kia EV6 long-term test: report 2

We rate this electric SUV so highly that we named it Car of the Year. But does it continue to impress when you live with it every day?...

Kia EV6 long term

The car Kia EV6 RWD GT-Line Run by Allan Muir, managing editor

Why we’re running it To see whether the EV6 can live up to its status as our reigning Car of the Year and cement its place among the very best electric cars

Needs to Deliver on the promise of a long range and ultra-fast charging, while being comfortable and good to drive

Mileage 1593 List price £44,695 Target Price £44,695 Price as tested £45,370 Test range 278 miles Official range 328 miles

13 June 2022 – Long way up

Given the long range that’s available to me in my Kia EV6, it’s perhaps ironic that I’ve been paying more attention to efficiency than I usually would. This isn’t because I’m suffering from range anxiety – far from it – but simply because I’ve been hoping to see an indicated range of more than 300 miles after a full charge for the first time. And my car has already obliged.

Kia EV6 long term

Some Tesla drivers will no doubt be familiar with this sight, but none of the previous electric cars I’ve run has even come close to that figure; in fact, I’ve counted myself fortunate if they’ve shown more than 200 miles. But after just a couple of full charges at home, my EV6 was suggesting that 306 miles could be covered before another top-up would be required. The two subsequent 100% charges yielded indicated ranges starting with a ‘3’ as well, with 311 miles being the highest I’ve seen so far.

I should point out that these figures are in Eco mode and with the climate control turned off, both of which help to extend the EV6’s range, and would probably be achieved only in ideal conditions. The reality is that, in Normal mode, with the climate control on half the time and a few motorway trips thrown into the mix, I’m not getting a genuine 300 miles out of the EV6 yet, but even so, I’m chuffed to even be contemplating going so far on a single charge. 

Kia EV6 long term

With the majority of my driving consisting of short urban commutes and occasional weekend trips out of town, each charge seems to last for an incredibly long time. It’s no longer a surprise to note that the indicated range can be several miles higher when I get to work than it was when I left home (on flat roads), with the efficiency often around or above 4.5 miles/kWh – which is incredibly good. And out of town, with some high-speed driving but mainly on twisty roads at 40-50mph, I’ve covered 100 miles and lost only 75 miles from the indicated range. That’s the opposite of what many electric cars do.

My EV6’s capabilities as a long-distance tourer are going to be given a stern test soon on a road trip from London up to Scotland and back, but with the sort of range I’m getting out of it, I think I’ve got the right car for the job.

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