Lamborghini: Murcielago SV

* New extreme Murcielago * 0-62mph in just 3.2 seconds * 35 cars heading for the UK...

Lamborghini: Murcielago SV

Lamborghini's latest offering, unveiled at the Geneva show today, is being hailed as 'everything the company is about' more power and less weight, in an extreme version of the Murcielago badged the SV (Super Veloce).

The power of the 6.5-litre V12 has been raised by 30bhp to 670 and 100 kilos have been shed compared to the Murcielago 640. That helps bring the 0-60mph time down to just 3.2 seconds and raise the top speed to more than 212mph with a small rear spoiler or 209mph with the alternative big rear wing.

Even the sat-nav has been ripped out to help trim weight, though buyers can have it put back if they are so inclined.

The front end, finished in matt black, has been pulled forwards to aid downforce and improve ventilation to the brakes, while the engine bay has been redesigned to support the more potent V12 engine, which drives all four wheels through a six-speed paddle-shift automated manual gearbox.

At the rear there is a single exhaust pipe the size of a storm drain, a two-level diffuser to help suck the car to the road and either the large or small rear wing.

Only 350 examples of the LP 670-4Super Veloce will be made, and the UK is likely to get 10% of that figure in line with its overall contribution to worldwide Lamborghini sales. The cars are expected to cost around 20% more than the 640.