Lamborghini's new 690bhp V12 engine

* 6.5-litre V12 for Murcielago replacement * Uses a fast, new automated manual transmission * A big focus on weight saving...

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What Car? Staff
15 November 2010

Lamborghini's new 690bhp V12 engine

Lamborghini's new 690bhp 6.5-litre V12 engine will power its Murcielago replacement, which arrives next year.

The supercar will also get a new automated manual transmission, which Lamborghini calls Independent Shifting Rod or ISR.

Unlike a dual-clutch automated manual, such as Porsche's PDK transmission, the ISR 'box uses a pair of rods to provide superfast gearshifts. The company says the gearbox can change gear 50% faster than a dual-clutch design.

At 79kg, the box is lighter than a dual-clutch gearbox, says Lamborghini. The company has also put a lot of work into slimming down the engine to 235kg.

Carbonfibre construction will also feature in next year's car as Lamborghini works to reduce emissions by cutting overall weight. The company recently showcased its growing expertise using the material through the dramatic Sesto Elemento concept car, which it unveiled at last month's Paris motor show.