Mazda 6 long-term report: report 6

Can a stylish saloon take on the larger estates and SUVs dominating the market? We put the Mazda 6 to the test...

Mazda 6 head-up display

The car: Mazda 6 2.2 Skyactiv-D 150 SE-L Nav+ Run by: John Bradshaw, chief photographer

Why it’s here: I’ve explored SUVs and estates, but can a stylish saloon fulfil my needs just as well?

Needs to: Offer plenty of space for all my photography gear, provide a comfortable ride on long journeys and have a raft of equipment and modern safety tech

Mileage 5450 List price £26,795 Target Price £26,198 Price as tested £27,595 Test economy 50.8mpg  

9th October 2019 - Thumbs up for head-up display 

Of all the technology on my Mazda 6, the thing I find most futuristic (and useful) is the head-up display that’s fitted as standard.

This projects information onto the windscreen in front of you so you don’t have to move your eyes from the road to check your speed, for example. It’s incredibly useful and very easy to get used to; it’s never too bright that it becomes distracting at night, but it’s still clear to use in bright sunlight.

Mazda 6 saloon long-term review

It also displays information such as the speed limit, and monitors the speed and distance on the adaptive cruise control. But best of all is how it displays safety information such as collision warnings and alerting you when there’s something in your blindspot. 

My only original complaint was the lack of live sat-nav instructions that are a useful feature on rival systems, although a colleague answered my woes by simply turning that option on in the settings menu. 

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