John Bradshaw

John Bradshaw
Chief photographer

John Bradshaw has worked for What Car? for more than 30 years, and for its publisher, Haymarket, for over 35 years. John is responsible for photography across and What Car? magazine, and leads a team of staff photographers.

He joined What Car? Following successful stints on publishing industry title Litho Week, which later evolved into PrintWeek, plus motor trade magazines Forecourt Trader and Car Aftermarket Trader. John graduated from Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and Design (later Bournemouth University) with an HND in photography.

John is responsible for the creative direction, composition and production of What Car?’s photography, and is among the most experienced and highly regarded in the industry.

John Bradshaw Q&A

What’s the best piece of advice you could offer a car buyer?

Read lots and drive lots. Only by fully understanding the choice of cars available can you really make an informed decision. I’m lucky in this regard, because my job means I’m always driving a wide range of vehicles, and I’m in a privileged position to be there when the road testers are conducting their terrifically detailed car reviews. That means I can see just how much detail goes into every What Car? road test, so I can say with confidence that our verdicts are the most trusted in the industry.

What’s the best car you’ve ever driven?

In my line of work, I really rack up the miles, so comfort is important to me – and with countless pieces of photographic kit, something with a great deal of space is essential. I frequently carry ladders, large rigs and tripods, so something with a long boot is really handy. Oh, and if I don’t have to visit the petrol station every day, I’m happy, too. I reckon the best combination recently was the Skoda Superb Estate. It was a car that made my life so much easier, and I still miss it.

What will the car market look like in 20 years?

I’m not convinced it’ll be all that much different to today. Yes, there will be more electric cars on the road, but the numbers of older petrol and diesel cars on the road means suggestions of the petrol station’s demise will be greatly exaggerated. One thing is for sure, for drivers like me who can cover two or three times the national average mileage, improvements to electric-car range, charging speeds and charger availability must improve.

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