Mini Paceman

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Mini Paceman

Heres another car that regular readers will already know a lot about, but which is being shown in the metal for the first time here in Detroit.

A lot of Mini fans will take a look at this striking Paceman concept car and think 'wow'! Many others might look at the three-door coupe version of the Countryman and think 'why?'

You can read the full story of the Countryman Coupes design here

Whether or not it gets built depends to a large degree on reaction from the audience here in Detroit.

If, as expected, it gets positive reviews then you can expect to see it in showrooms minus the concept car eccentricities midway through next 2012.

Prices will start at around 22,000 thats high for a supermini-sized car, but all the evidence is that Mini owners will be more than happy to pay.