Mitsubishi Colt 1.3 Cleartec first drive

* Stop/start system saves fuel * Based on CZ2 model * Prices from £9799...

Mitsubishi Colt 1.3 Cleartec first drive

Mitsubishi has finally joined the eco-friendly party and launched its own brand of greener cars. This Cleartec label will eventually go out across its range, but makes its debut on the Colt supermini.

The main attraction is the Auto Stop & Go, Mitsubishi's own engine stop/start system.

To activate it, you just knock the gearbox into neutral when the car's stationary, take your foot off the clutch and the engine will switch itself off. To start it up again, step on the clutch and select a gear. Simple.

Mitsubishi's system might not be as smooth as some rivals', but it gets the job done average fuel consumption is 56.5mpg, and carbon dioxide emissions are an equally impressive 119g/km. This means you won't have to fill up with fuel quite so often and you'll pay only 35 a year for road tax.

In terms of equipment, the Cleartec gets the same kit as the Colt's mid-range CZ2 trim, with luxuries such as cruise control and air-conditioning as standard.

It also comes with low-rolling-resistance tyres, fitted to a set of 15-inch alloys. These do firm up the ride a little, but not enough so you need to get chummy with your chiropractor.

The only downside is the 1.3 petrol engine. Although it has 94bhp, it lacks any real grunt and sounds a bit unruly as the revs build up, but it's happy enough when cruising on the motorway.

Mitsubishi Colt 1.3 CleartecYou'll like Better fuel economy; fewer emissions
You won't 1.3 engine; higher price
On sale Now
Price £9799

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