Mitsubishi L200 long-term test review: report 6

The L200 has a reputation for being a great working vehicle, but can it also be a good alternative to a large SUV for those seeking practicality and off-road prowess? We're living with one to fin...

Mitsubishi L200 getting a tyre changed

The car Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian X Double Cab Run by Max Edleston, junior photographer

Why it’s here To see if a pick-up truck can be as comfortable and practical for daily life as a large SUV

Needs to Offer all the space that a What Car? photographer might need, be great for long-distance trips and off-road driving, and function as a mobile office

Mileage 6247 List price £32,525 Price as tested £41,317 Test economy 31.0mpg Official economy 36.2mpg

15 December 2020 – Stunning service for a pesky puncture

Like a lot of businesses, us automotive photographers have been squeezing every last minute from the day recently, trying to clear as much work as possible before heading off to enjoy the festive season. As such, the odometer on my Mitsubishi L200 has been spinning around like a Las Vegas slot machine. 

Mitsubishi L200 getting a tyre changed

And while my L200 has covered 99% of those miles faultlessly, it also picked up a nail on the M25 motorway the other day. After noticing the slow deflation of my tyre the next morning, I contacted the Mitsubishi Service helpline – which had previously helped me out with a query I had with the car’s manual – and they dispatched a man-and-van who I was told would be with me within 45 minutes. Fantastic, I thought, only to be shocked 10 minutes later with a knock on the door, and a friendly mechanic waiting on my driveway. He sorted my deflated tyre very quickly indeed, meaning I could get on with my day. You can’t beat that for sheer service!

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