More Land Rover hybrids coming

* Every all-new Land Rover to have hybrids * Sub-100g/km Range Rover coming * Plug-in hybrid for Range Rover and next Disco...

10 September 2013
More Land Rover hybrids coming

Land Rover is set to expand its range of hybrid models, according to company boss John Edwards.

A diesel electric hybrid Range Rover and Range Rover Sport have just gone on sale but these will be joined by others, he told What Car?.

‘Every new product, built on a new architecture will have the ability to accept hybrid or, possibly, full EV. It isn't a plan to make everything a hybrid, though.’

However, Land Rover engineers are working on a plug-in hybrid Range Rover, which will travel around 30 miles on electric power before resorting to assistance from the diesel engine. This new model is still a few years off, but will have CO2 emissions of less than 100g/km; the current RR Hybrid is good for 169g/km.

This technology will also be offered in the Range Rover Sport and, likely, the replacement for the Discovery, which is due in 2015.