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Most and least reliable hybrid cars

Hybrids are complex, combining an engine and a motor to improve fuel efficiency, but are they dependable? Here we list the most and least reliable hybrid cars you can buy...

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Hybrid cars combine a traditional engine with an electric motor to provide improved fuel economy. Clever technology enables them to juggle between the two power sources, giving owners the added benefit that they never have to worry about plugging them in to replenish their batteries.  

Although owners get some of the advantages of a fully electric car, hybrid cars are complex, so there are also more parts that could go wrong. You need to choose carefully, then. 

That's why we've used the data from our 2022 What Car? Reliability Survey (conducted in association with MotorEasy) to reveal the hybrid models that should give you trouble-free motoring – and those that are more likely to let you down.

We asked nearly 25,000 car owners whether their cars had suffered any faults or breakdowns in the previous year. For every car that had gone wrong, we collected data on how long the faults took to fix and how much the repairs cost. The data was used to give each model its own What Car? Reliability Rating.

Below we count down the 10 most reliable hybrids aged up to five years old, plus the three least dependable models.

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