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New Lexus NX vs used Range Rover Sport: practicality

Two plug-in hybrid SUVs battle it out: the brand new Lexus NX and the hugely prestigious Range Rover Sport, which is available for similar money if you buy used...

Lexus NX 450h rear seat

Space and practicality

Front space, rear space, seating flexibility, boot

Both of these cars give front seat occupants generous leg room, and while head room is merely okay, only the exceptionally tall will notice.

As for the rear seats, these recline in both cars, and six-footers will be fine in the back of the Lexus NX. However, they get more room to stretch out in the Range Rover Sport, and it's the wider car, so more comfortable for three people sitting abreast.

Range Rover Sport rear seat

Due to the battery beneath the boot floor of the Sport, the PHEV model isn't available as a seven seater, unlike some other versions of the car, while the NX is a five-seater no matter which variant you choose.

Boot space is also compromised by the Sport's battery, with its capacity falling a sizeable 101 litres short of the NX's. But it will still take the same number of carry-on suitcases; it's just that there's more space leftover for soft bags and other luggage in the NX.

Boot space