New Renault Espace could still come to the UK

* Renault hasn't ruled out bringing the new Espace to the UK * Waiting to see how the car performs in other markets * New model revealed at the Paris motor show...

New Renault Espace could still come to the UK

The latest generation of Renault Espace could come to the UK after all. The company's boss, Carlos Ghosn, said that the Espace will be judged on how it performs in other markets, and could eventually be made in right-hand drive.

The current model hasn't been offered in the UK since 2011, but this new model could still 'go global' according to Ghosn.

'I'm not saying never. Hopefully if we make a big bang in the European market you are going to see it expanding,' said Ghosn. 'There is nothing that prevents this car going global, nothing.'

He admitted that this is something that has to be built up to, though, so any announcement is likely to be some time after the car's launch in Europe.

'We are starting from a very low level, so we are going to up in a very prudent and systematic way,' he said. 'Let's make sure we are doing a good job in Europe and then in response to this we are going to expand the footprint of the Espace.'

The unexpected success of the Renault Captur is one of the reasons for the company considering an expansion, with Ghosn saying: 'In my opinion Captur is not as innovative as Espace is going to be and doesn't have the iconic name, in Europe at least.

'We were surprised by the success. In the beginning we were extremely conservative. We didn't think we were conservative, but the market made us develop capacity.'

The car at the show was developed with the same goals as the original Espace - to offer 'space, light, modularity, conviviality and comfort'. However, it is styled to look more like a crossover than the minivan-style shape of previous generations of Espace.

It comes with technology such as electrically folding rear seats, which drop at the touch of a button, and sliding seats in the middle row. It also has large windows to allow as much light into the cabin as possible.