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The Renault Clio has been with us in several different guises for many years now. And every version, from the first to the last, has helped establish its reputation for being a chic, yet refined and grown-up, supermini.

You can read about the previous generation Clio by clicking this link, but here we’re more concerned with the current interpretation of Renault’s small, stylish runabout.

We’ve conducted plenty of in-depth research to discover how it competes against its main rivals, cars such as the ever popular Ford Fiesta, the dependable Volkswagen Polo and of course, our current favourite small-car champion, the excellent Skoda Fabia.

So read on over the next few pages to see how it fares, and to discover our recommendations for which trim levels and engines to go for. If you’re in the market for a small hot hatch, then click here for our dedicated review of the Clio Renault Sport (RS) models.


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