The best company cars you can get in the UK

Trying to decide which model to get as your new fleet car? Here we list the 10 best company cars available in the UK to help you get the most for your money...

Red Tesla Model 3 right driving

If it's time for you to get a new company car – lucky you. But choosing the right model for your next fleet car can be a tricky business.

You see, as well as wanting a good vehicle in its own right, you also need to consider how much it will cost you in terms of company car tax. While the figure differs depending on whether you're a 20% or 40% tax payer, you'll want something with low – or zero – CO2 emissions to keep the figure down.

Here, we're looking at the best company cars regardless of their class, so our top 10 list includes a mix of models from different categories to help you find a suitable choice for your work and family needs.

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In each case on the list below, you can see the rating our expert road testers have given the model, the list price of our preferred version, and how much it will cost you each month in benefit-in-kind (BIK) tax if you're a 20% or 40% tax payer. You can check any model's BIK rating using our company car tax calculator.

And don't forget, you'll find lots more information, plus star ratings out of five for each car in our dedicated new car reviews (you'll find a link after each car's description to take you to its dedicated review page).

The best fleet cars in the UK

1. Tesla Model 3

Red Tesla Model 3 front cornering

What Car? rating 5/5
Our favourite version RWD
List price £39,935
Monthly BIK tax at 20% £13.33
Monthly BIK tax at 40% £26.67

We think the Model 3 is the best company car in the UK – especially for drivers covering lots of miles – because it gives you access to the Tesla network of superfast and ultra-reliable chargers. It's good to drive, but also impresses with a strong safety score and rock-solid reliability. That it will only cost company car drivers the price of a few high-end coffees in a month is the cherry on top of an incredibly tempting cake.

Tesla Model 3 review

2. Genesis GV60

Genesis GV60 front right driving

What Car? rating 5/5
Our favourite version Premium
List price £54,050
Monthly BIK tax at 20% £18
Monthly BIK tax at 40% £36

If you want an SUV as your next company car and are ready for an electric model, you can't do better than the GV60. You see, it's based on the same underpinnings as the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and the Kia EV6 but improves on those models in several key areas, including refinement – an important factor for company car drivers who spend lots of time behind the wheel.

Genesis GV60 review

3. VW ID. Buzz

VW ID. Buzz rear left static

What Car? rating 5/5
Our favourite version Style
List price £63,780
Monthly BIK tax at 20% £21.25
Monthly BIK tax at 40% £42.50

Our overall Car of the Year for 2023 mixes retro styling with future-facing electric power, and the result is truly sensational. It's good to drive, has loads of space for you and your family, and charges up quickly, thanks to a maximum charging rate of 175kW. Not to mention that all that space in the back will be very handy if your work involves lugging around lots of kit (there's also the VW ID. Buzz Cargo if you need a more van-like model).

Smart #1 rear left driving

What Car? rating 5/5
Our favourite version Pro+
List price £35,895
Monthly BIK tax at 20% £12
Monthly BIK tax at 40% £23.92

If you've read our cheapest company cars feature, you'll know the Smart Fortwo and Smart Forfour cost very little to run as fleet cars, but they lack the sort of practicality most of us need. Smart's more recently launched #1 is a much more versatile option – in fact it's one of our favourite new electric cars (although we do struggle with the name a bit). Performance is strong, the interior is pleasant and it has plenty of safety equipment.

Smart #1 review

5. BMW iX3

White BMW iX3 left static boot open

What Car? rating 5/5
Our favourite version M Sport
List price £68,105
Monthly BIK tax at 20% £22.67
Monthly BIK tax at 40% £45.42

This electric SUV is brisk and handles neatly, and the ride is well controlled, if a touch firm at times. Inside, everything feels luxurious yet businesslike – as it does in the regular BMW X3 (there are a few blue highlights to remind you that you’re in the electrically powered version). Standard equipment is generous, with heated leather seats up front, a panoramic sunroof, parking sensors and a powered tailgate.

BMW iX3 review

6. Mercedes GLC

Blue Mercedes GLC front right driving

What Car? rating 5/5
Our favourite version 300e AMG Line Premium
List price £68,155
Monthly BIK tax at 20% £56.83
Monthly BIK tax at 40% £113.58

It's a sign of the times – and the tax system – that the first five models on this list are electric. Indeed, you might be thinking: "Enough with the electric company cars!" Well, here, in our estimation, is the best company car that's not fully electric. The GLC makes financial sense as a fleet car in 300e plug-in hybrid (PHEV) form because of its good electric-only range, and all versions of this big Mercedes SUV offer a luxurious amount of space and equipment. 

Mercedes GLC review

7. Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

Left Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo left static

What Car? rating 5/5
Our favourite version 4S
List price £91,700
Monthly BIK tax at 20% £30.58
Monthly BIK tax at 40% £61.17

You might think the MG5 EV is the only electric estate car you can get right now, but this slightly more practical version of the Porsche Taycan technically falls into that category too. It sits 2cm higher than the Taycan, but is still pretty astonishing to drive, and handles rubbish road surfaces very well. There's even a Gravel Mode that lifts the body a bit higher to avoid chips to the paintwork (which is also protected by extra cladding).

Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo review

8. BMW i4

BMW i4 front left static

What Car? rating 5/5
Our favourite version eDrive40 M Sport (Pro Pack)
List price £62,590
Monthly BIK tax at 20% £20.83
Monthly BIK tax at 40% £41.75

Like the iX3 listed above, the i4 is an electric BMW that does a good job of concealing its lack of a combustion engine: it's essentially a BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé with a battery and one or two motors. Our favoured eDrive40 version did very well in our 2022 electric car range test beating two Long Range models from Tesla by going 316 miles on a single charge. It's also great to drive and has an excellent infotainment system. 

BMW i4 review

9. MG4 EV

White MG4 EV right driving

What Car? rating 5/5
Our favourite version SE
List price £26,940
Monthly BIK tax at 20% £9
Monthly BIK tax at 40% £18

This is the only model to feature on both this best company cars list and our run-down of the cheapest company cars for BIK tax. So what, other than the price, is attractive about the MG4? Well, it's an electric car with a long enough range for daily driving, lots of standard equipment and space for six-footers in the back. Rivals have bigger boots, though.

MG4 EV review

10. Mercedes C-Class

Mercedes C-Class right static

What Car? rating 5/5
Our favourite version C300e AMG Line Premium
List price £54,970
Monthly BIK tax at 20% £73.33
Monthly BIK tax at 40% £146.58

The C-Class has long been a favourite with company car drivers, so it's no surprise Mercedes has introduced a tax-reducing PHEV version. As well as saving on BIK payments, the C300e offers strong performance and a comfortable ride. Plus, whichever trim you go for, you get heated front seats, leather trim, a 12.3in digital driver's display and an 11.9in touchscreen.

Mercedes C-Class review

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Two models to avoid: the worst company cars 

If you're shopping for a fleet car, the last thing you want is a vehicle that's not very good AND lands you with a high tax bill. We think these are the worst offenders, and suggest you steer well clear of them as company car choices (especially the versions we've highlighted)...

Genesis G70

Silver Genesis G70 right driving

What Car? rating 2/5
Least recommendable version 2.2d Sport
List price £39,850
Monthly BIK tax at 20% £245.75
Monthly BIK tax at 40% £491.50

The decision to give a car model two (or one) stars out of five is not taken lightly here at What Car?, but the G70 simply doesn't do enough to compete with its extremely capable rival executive saloons. As well as costing a lot to run as a company car, the diesel version is hampered by a noisy engine that seems like a step back to the bad old days.

Genesis G70 review

Maserati Ghibli

White Maserati Ghibli right driving

What Car? rating 2/5
Least recommendable version Hybrid GT Ultima 
List price £88,980
Monthly BIK tax at 20% £548.75
Monthly BIK tax at 40% £1,097.42

Yes, it looks great and has a cool name, but the Ghibli is a let-down when you want to eat up the miles on a long journey. It's noisy, there's too much plastic dotted around the interior and rear-seat space is poor for what's supposed to be a luxury car. The Hybrid in the name of some versions means mild-hybrid rather than plug-in hybrid, so it doesn't lead to much better fuel or tax efficiency.  

Maserati Ghibli review

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More advice to help you find the best company car

Let's face facts head on – if you possibly can, it pays to go electric for your next fleet car. The super-low 2% tax rate applied to models with no exhaust emissions means you'll pay substantially less than for any other type of car, including PHEVs and regular hybrids.

Before you decided what to get, you'll want to consider the types of journeys you'll be doing – whether your commute is short and mostly on urban roads, for example, or if you regularly need to use the motorway – and how practical your car might be for your family.

Since most company cars are leased over periods of three or four years, it's also worth considering whether your needs are likely to change in that time, and planning accordingly.

When speccing up a company car, be aware that making small changes can add up to big ones. See our guide to cutting your BIK tax bill to learn more about that. You can also check our free company car tax calculator to find out how much you'll pay each month for your preferred model.

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