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Maserati Ghibli review

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The Maserati Ghibli heralded a few firsts for the Italian brand, but the most significant was that it was the first Maserati to be offered with a diesel engine.

As a result, the Ghibli has attracted people who would never previously have considered a Maserati; indeed, about 80% of Ghibli buyers opt for diesel power.

The Ghibli is still far from a common sight on the road compared with rivals such as the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class, because it’s priced to compete with high-end versions of those saloons. And this rarity is probably why it still looks fresh, even though it’s been around since 2013.

Maserati has given the car several updates over the years, though, including a new infotainment system, extra safety kit, improved sound insulation and tweaked styling.

So how does the Ghibli compare with rivals and which version is best? Read on to get our full verdict, or visit here to spec your ideal Ghibli.

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