The best plug-in hybrid company cars you can get in the UK

PHEVs make great company cars because their ability to run on electricity helps keep BIK tax low. These are the best plug-in hybrid fleet cars you can get in 2024.....

Mercedes C-Class C330e right driving

If you're getting a new fleet car, a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) can make a lot of sense. After all, you'll save on company car tax compared with a non-PHEV petrol or diesel but won't have the charging worries electric car drivers can face.

Car manufacturers have been quick to recognise this, and plenty of traditional company car favourites are now available in plug-in form – the BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes C-Class, for example.

Plus, PHEVs' official electric-only ranges are getting longer as the technology matures. That's great news, because the BIK tax system currently rewards you for choosing a model that can do a decent number of miles without burning any fuel.

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So, which PHEV model should you choose as your next company car? That's what this top 10 will tell you. Our list includes SUVs as well as more traditional saloon cars to reflect the huge popularity of higher-riding models.

To draw up our ranking, our expert road testers considered how each model performs as executive transport. Comfort, practicality, and good performance and handling were all key concerns.

We've also taken into account how each model stacks up as a PHEV, looking at official and actual electric ranges plus charging speeds.

For each model, we've given you our road-test team's overall star rating out of five, the cheapest PHEV version for BIK tax, the list price and the monthly BIK tax figures for 20% and 40% taxpayers.

To help you narrow down your search for a fleet car further, you can get the full low-down in our new car reviews (there's a link with each car's description).

Read on to see which plug-in hybrids we recommend to company car drivers...

The best PHEV company cars in the UK

1. Mercedes C-Class C300e

Mercedes C-Class C300e front right driving

What Car? rating 5/5
Cheapest version for BIK tax AMG Line
List price £51,970
Monthly BIK tax at 20% £69.33
Monthly BIK tax at 40% £138.58

The Mercedes C300e is the best PHEV company car in the UK right now because it's an excellent executive car in its own right, has a class-leading electric-only range and integrates plug-in hybrid tech seamlessly. With rear air suspension as standard, it rides as well as non-plug-in versions, and performance is brisk, with 0-62mph in 6.1 seconds. If you practically live on motorways, the C300e is very hard to beat.

Mercedes C-Class review

2. Mercedes GLC 300e

Mercedes GLC front right driving

What Car? rating 4/5
Cheapest version for BIK tax Urban Edition
List price £58,655
Monthly BIK tax at 20% £48.92
Monthly BIK tax at 40% £97.75

Like the closely related C-Class, the GLC family SUV gets rear air suspension on PHEV versions to cope with the extra battery weight, and it does a good job of keeping you comfortable over most road surfaces. Again like the C-Class, the electric-only range is excellent, so you get a lot of car for not too much tax. Plus, it's a practical choice if you often use your company car for family days out.

Mercedes GLC review

3. BMW X5 xDrive50e

Blue BMW X5 front left driving

What Car? rating 5/5
Cheapest version for BIK tax M Sport
List price £80,780
Monthly BIK tax at 20% £107.67
Monthly BIK tax at 40% £215.42

The X5 will cost you a fair bit more in BIK tax than the GLC listed above, but if luxury is your top priority, this is likely to be the PHEV SUV choice to make. It drives incredibly well for such a big car, and is very quick – we managed 0-62mph in less than five seconds. The interior is exquisite and the boot has 500 litres of storage and a handy split tailgate (although unlike non-PHEV versions, you can't have the xDrive50e with seven seats).

BMW X5 review

4. Mercedes E-Class E300e

Mercedes E-Class E300e front right driving

What Car? rating 4/5
Cheapest version for BIK tax AMG Line Advanced
List price £67,965
Monthly BIK tax at 20% £56.67
Monthly BIK tax at 40% £113.25

Our road testers describe the latest E-Class as "spacious, comfortable and easy to drive" – and all three will be great news if you spend lots of time on the road while also needing family practicality at the weekends. The PHEV version is quick – with 0-62mph in 6.5 seconds – and can officially manage more than 70 miles on electricity alone (the real-world distance will be much less, though).

Mercedes E-Class review

5. Lexus NX 450h+

Silver Lexus NX right driving

What Car? rating 4/5
Cheapest version for BIK tax 450h+
List price £54,895
Monthly BIK tax at 20% £73.17
Monthly BIK tax at 40% £146.42

Lexus has gone all-in on hybrid tech with the NX (you can get a regular hybrid as well as a PHEV), and that focus was rewarded at our 2023 Car of the Year awards with the Best Plug-in Hybrid title. Along with its high-quality interior, good driving manners and decent practicality, the NX also offers rock-solid Lexus dependability.

Lexus NX review

6. BMW 3 Series 330e

BMW 3 Series front cornering

What Car? rating 5/5
Cheapest version for BIK tax Sport
List price £46,930
Monthly BIK tax at 20% £93.83
Monthly BIK tax at 40% £187.75

You could call the 3 Series the classic exec company car, so it's no surprise there's a PHEV version to tap into BIK tax savings. The model's big strength is performance and handling – it's a fun car to drive between meetings. You also get a class-leading infotainment system, which lets you dial up selections on the touchscreen with a rotary controller.

BMW 3 Series review

7. Kia Sportage 1.6T GDi 248 PHEV

Red Kia Sportage front right static

What Car? rating 5/5
Cheapest version for BIK tax GT-Line
List price £40,520
Monthly BIK tax at 20% £54
Monthly BIK tax at 40% £108

The Sportage is our current favourite family SUV and is one of the most popular company cars out there, so it's a very solid choice. For a modest salary sacrifice you'll be getting a comfortable motorway companion that also offers great driver and passenger space, and a big boot. The interior is smart and feels solidly put together with plenty of tech, and Kia has a strong reliability record.

Kia Sportage review

8. Audi A3 Sportback 40 TFSIe

Blue Audi A3 right driving

What Car? rating 4/5
Cheapest version for BIK tax Sport
List price £36,345
Monthly BIK tax at 20% £48.50
Monthly BIK tax at 40% £96.92

The A3 has long been one of the best family cars you can buy, and Audi has integrated PHEV technology into the model extremely well, making it a great choice if you're looking for a smart and wieldy company car. You get a superb interior, sharp handling, brisk performance and an excellent driving position.

Audi A3 Sportback review

9. Range Rover Evoque P300e

Range Rover Evoque front cornering

What Car? rating 5/5
Cheapest version for BIK tax S
List price £48,945
Monthly BIK tax at 20% £97.92
Monthly BIK tax at 40% £195.75

The Evoque lets you tap into the indulgent feel, high interior quality and famed off-road ability of a full-size Range Rover on a more modest scale and budget. PHEV tech suits it well too, allowing you to drive near-silently around town, with a smooth switch to petrol power when required. You'll also appreciate the excellent driving position and superb ride comfort when you're out on the road on business.

Range Rover Evoque review

10. Citroën C5 X 1.6 Plug-in Hybrid 225

Citroen C5 X rear right driving

What Car? rating 4/5
Cheapest version for BIK tax Plus
List price £38,165
Monthly BIK tax at 20% £76.33
Monthly BIK tax at 40% £152.67

The C5 X is the only estate car on this list, and also quite an unusual one because of its slightly raised ride height and focus on comfort rather than sportiness. If that appeals, it's a great choice. Indeed, with a system called Progressive Hydraulic Cushions, Advanced Comfort Seats and a noise-blocking laminated windscreen, it's perfectly suited to long stints of motorway driving.  

Citroën C5 X review

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