Prodrive's Alfa Romeo Brera S

* Chassis and suspension improved * Available with two existing engines * Just 500 cars to be built...

Prodrive's Alfa Romeo Brera S

Alfa Romeo has revealed a limited-edition Brera S, which has been tuned by specialist engineering firm Prodrive for British roads.

Alfa Romeo says that the car has undergone a year of intensive suspension and chassis development at Prodrive to enhance its driver feedback and handling.

Power comes from a choice of two existing direct-injection petrol engines - the 185bhp 2.2-litre JTS and the 260bhp 3.2-litre V6 JTS.

The engines take the car from 0-62 mph in 8.6secs and 7.0secs respectively, on the way to maximum speeds of 139 and 155mph.

Extra features include 19-inch alloy wheels, a lowered ride height, a modified exhaust system and sports seats.

The 3.6 V6 model also has a black leather interior with red stitching, which can be specified as an option on the 2.2-litre powered car for an extra £1500.

Just 500 versions of the car will be sold, but they will come at a cost: the 2.2's list price is £1450 more than the standard car's, while the 3.2 is £1455 more, and discounts are going to be far harder to negotiate on the limited-edition models.