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NissanConnect: helping company car drivers work smarter

Whether guiding you seamlessly from sofa to sales meeting, or making every trip more efficient, NissanConnect Services take smartphone integration to a new level...


There was once a time when your checklist of items before heading to a meeting would be wallet, suitcase, diary and notepad. Today, you’d feel lost without a smartphone. It’s the heart of your digital life, especially when it comes to work – cloud-syncing the diary that sets the day’s agenda, keeping you in touch with colleagues via text or email, or navigating you to your next meeting on time.

In recent years, we’ve become used to plugging compatible Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto® smartphones into the USB socket on cars like the Nissan Qashqai – instantly having seamless access to a wealth of infotainment apps including music, podcasts and news, as well as hands-free calls and text through voice control[1]

Now, NissanConnect Services takes phone integration a step further, helping you work even smarter away from the office. Available on a range of fleet-friendly models – including the next-generation Nissan Juke, the 100% electric Nissan LEAF and the Nissan Navara pick-up – NissanConnect Services is a suite of features that partner with Nissan’s in-car infotainment, making car and phone work seamlessly as one[2]

Add in the option of an in-car wi-fi hotspot[3] – a feature that has just been introduced on the next-generation Nissan Juke – and NissanConnect Services really does make your car the perfect on-the-go workplace or office on the move.

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NissanConnect lets you seamlessly integrate car and smartphone

Seamless navigation from sofa to sales meeting

In the past, getting to a meeting on time meant hunting down your destination in an email, text or calendar invite, inputting it manually into the car’s sat-nav while juggling your smartphone’s auto lock – all before you’ve even turned the engine on.

Nearing your destination, you’d need to pull over to use the sat-nav to find a car park. Then – after parking and leaving your car – you need to pull out your phone, hunt down your final address once again, and use your smartphone’s separate navigation app to dash the last few hundred yards to your final location.

NissanConnect Services Door-to-Door Navigation[4] takes that pain away, letting you plan every step of your journey on your smartphone in advance, all from the comfort of your sofa. Simply click ‘Send to vehicle’, or plug your phone into your Nissan, and your full route (from home to car park to final destination) seamlessly transfers to your in-car sat-nav, before continuing back on your phone as you effortlessly make the stroll from your car to reception at your final destination.

Live traffic information gives you a clear heads-up in advance for any likely delays and how to avoid them, while a comprehensive database of 50 million points of interest means you’ll be able to find restaurants, car parks, petrol stations and electric charging points, as well as shops and supermarkets if you need to pick something up on the way home.

Have regular meetings at the same location? You can easily save personal points of interest on the fly, and then edit them on your phone later at your convenience. And what if you emerge flushed with success from a meeting in an unfamiliar part of town, and suddenly realise you can’t remember where you parked your car? Well, simply use NissanConnect Service’s Find My Car function on your phone. 

NissanConnect Services also help you track your journeys and driving efficiency, so you can get the most from every trip. It really is like having a mini personal assistant in your pocket – if your assistant happens to be called Chris Columbus. 

NissanConnect: ideal for going electric

If you own the 100% electric Nissan LEAF or upcoming Nissan ARIYA SUV, NissanConnect Services is perfect for keeping track of your battery and charging status remotely – meaning that you’re always confident of setting off with the maximum amount of range on tap.

When you’re charging at home overnight, you can use the NissanConnect Services app from the comfort of your sofa to pre-programme your LEAF or ARIYA, charging at the optimum off-peak times for the most favourable electric rates, and making sure that you get the most charge for the lowest cost.

If you’re charging on-the-go – and you’re away from your car for a meeting or lunch – you can check the charge status remotely to ensure your LEAF or ARIYA is still charging and see once you’ve got enough range to drive to your next destination.

On frosty mornings, you can remotely adjust the air-conditioning of the LEAF and ARIYA to pre-warm the car and the batteries while the vehicle remains plugged in – giving you a toasty interior and optimum battery performance, without losing any range. Equally, on hot days, you can pre-cool the interior, meaning you can head to your next meeting, no sweat.

NissanConnect is the smart way to navigate city meetings in a company car

Dealing with the unexpected

The NissanConnect Services app lets you blip the lights and horn of your vehicle or lock and unlock it remotely – perfect for giving colleagues access to the car or keeping it secure from far away if you’re mid-pitch with a client. 

Equally, if you share your Nissan company car with colleagues or family, you can receive real-time notifications about whether they’re driving outside an agreed geographical area or time period, or whether they’re exceeding a pre-set speed limit.

Finally, if the worst does happen, and you encounter a problem en-route, then you can use the NissanConnect Services smartphone app to arrange emergency breakdown assistance with one touch[6]. No searching for phone numbers; no need to hunt down policy details. The fact that your car and smartphone are connected makes it simple.

So, whether you’re looking to get to your destination more efficiently, or want to keep tabs on your car remotely, NissanConnect lets you do both. All from the comfort of the smartphone in your pocket.

To learn more about NissanConnect Services, or other ways in which Nissan’s Fleet team can help you work smarter, head to

[1] NissanConnect with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto® standard on Qashqai Acenta Premium grade and above. It requires a smartphone with compatible iOS or Android operating system. Connecting a mobile phone to NissanConnect should only be done when the car is parked safely and in accordance with the rules of the Highway Code.

[2] NissanConnect Services is standard on the next-generation Nissan Juke Acenta grade and above, Nissan LEAF Acenta grade and above and Nissan Navara N-Connecta grade and above. To use NissanConnect Services you need a smartphone with compatible iOS or Android operating system and a SIM card with data option from a mobile service provider. Services subject to mobile network coverage. NissanConnect services available from an additional charge on subscription after the third year. For further information, please visit or contact your local Nissan Dealer.

[3] Juke Wifi hotspot available on Acenta grade and above. The use of in-car Wifi is made possible via an integrated wireless internet connection. Data packets are obtained via our UK roaming partner Orange, in accordance with their terms and conditions.

[4] NissanConnect Services Door-to-Door Navigation feature available on next-generation Nissan Juke Acenta grade and above, and Nissan Navara N-Connecta grade and above. This feature is not currently available on the Nissan LEAF and Nissan Qashqai.

[5] NissanConnect Services breakdown call functionality available on the next-generation Nissan Juke Acenta grade and above. Not currently available on Nissan Navara and Nissan LEAF.

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