Reborn Alpine 'will be a global brand'

* Classic French badge will get global profile * Project starts with Alfa 4C rival * UK RHD sales confirmed, from 2016...

Reborn Alpine 'will be a global brand'

Renault's reborn Alpine sports car will be a global model sold in 'all markets', according to executive vice-president for product planning Philippe Klein.

The Alpine, a potential rival for the Alfa Romeo 4C and Porsche Cayman, is scheduled to go on sale in 2016. It is being developed in conjunction with British sports car manufacturer Caterham, and will be built at Dieppe in France. Mr Klein told What Car? that the return of the classic badge is something that will be rolled out across all markets, including Russia, Asia and South America.

'We know that the Alpine name still has huge awareness - not only in Europe but also in other areas such as Japan and even Mexico,' said Mr Klein. 'So it will be a global brand, a global car. We won't give details just yet but the best ambassador for the project will be the car itself. I'm very confident it will please car fans.

'Our objective with Alpine is not to replay what has gone before,' Mr Klein added. 'Instead, we want to have the spirit of the classic A110; it will not be a retro car but rather a fully modern one that is right for 2016. It will revive the passion, the spirit of that older car.'

Mr Klein confirmed that the car would be sold in Britain, and that it would be available in right-hand drive. However, he declined to detail which dealerships would offer the car. Renault is said to have decided to limit the number of outlets to offer a 'specialist Alpine experience' and is also said to be considering a limited number of standalone outlets.