Rolls-Royce SUV could be built

* Rolls-Royce SUV considered * Ghost convertible and coupe planned * More 'specials' planned to expand range...

Rolls-Royce SUV could be built

Rolls-Royce could make an SUV, new boss Harald Krueger has admitted to What Car?.

Krueger was keen to stress that no formal discussions had taken place at BMW board level, but he is keen to consider new arrivals to the Rolls-Royce family in order for the British luxury brand to continue expanding.

Such a car would be a formidable rival for the forthcoming Bentley SUV, and could fit into Ghost family which is also likely to shortly include a convertible, possibly called Corniche, and a Coupe.

Krueger also admitted that any new models would only ever be built in the UK. 'There is no alternative because of their production complexities,' he said.

Further Rolls-Royce development could include more bespoke limited-edition models in the mould of the recently announced Phantom Coupe Aviator to meet customer demand for more individual and expensive models. Future specials might include models with unique bodywork and design.

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