Skoda Octavia iV Estate long-term test: report 5

The Skoda Octavia Estate has a five-star What Car? rating, but does the plug-in hybrid version continue to impress when you live with it every day?...

Skoda Octavia Estate LT

The car Skoda Octavia Estate 1.4 TSI iV SE L Run by Mark Pearson, used cars editor

Why it’s here To see whether this category winner in our Electric Car Awards can also hit the mark in everyday use

Needs to Prove it’s more than just a practical wagon. It’ll need to handle commuting work and family life with flair, and deliver impressive real-world fuel economy 

Mileage 6420 List price £35,880 Target Price £34,295 Price as tested £37,045 Test economy 83.3mpg Official economy 246.1mpg 

27 June 2022 – All charged up and ready to go

I’ve mentioned in previous reports that I haven’t been able to see much more than an indicated 34 miles of electric range on the digital readout of my Skoda Octavia iV Estate when it’s fully charged, when the official maximum is actually 41 miles. However, I’m pleased to report that, maybe as a result of the warmer weather, I’m now regularly seeing a figure of 36 miles.

Skoda Octavia Estate LT

This shortfall between the indicated range on a full charge and the quoted range is not uncommon, because these digital readouts are seldom 100% accurate. Of more importance is how far you can actually go before the electricity runs out, and in that respect I’ve made some gains, too. Whereas the petrol engine used to cut in at around 22 to 24 miles on known routes, it seems to allow me up to 26 miles now.

That’s not a mind-bendingly high figure, admittedly, but it's still a useful one, the cost of petrol being what it currently is.

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