Smart scooter nears green light

* Escooter close to production approval * Concept revealed at Paris show * 60-mile range, 28mph top speed...

Smart scooter nears green light

The Smart scooter concept is close to getting production approval, and if it does get the go-ahead it will take a central role in parent company Mercedes's greener motoring push.

Smart's electric scooter concept, called escooter, was unveiled at the recent Paris motor show. It has a maximum speed of 28mph and a range of just under 60 miles, and can be recharged within three to five hours.

Smart makes much of the escooter's safety equipment. It has a basic structure based on the tridion safety cell in the Fortwo, and also has anti-lock brakes, an airbag and a blind-spot-warning system.

'We believe two-wheelers are an interesting development for mobility,' said Ulrich Mellinghoff, Mercedes head of development safety, NVH, testing.

'It is true that other companies have invested more time and effort in this area, but now we are looking at transferring our expertise on four wheels to two wheels.'