Used car reviews

ForFour EQ Hatchback

Used Smart ForFour EQ 2017-present

The Smart ForFour is zippy and easy to drive, but it...

Forfour Hatchback Hatchback

Used Smart Forfour Hatchback 2004 - 2007

It's the best car Smart has made, but it's expensive and not a...

Fortwo Coupe City-Car

Used Smart Fortwo 2014-present

The Smart Fortwo is a fine car for city dwellers thanks to its...

Fortwo Coupe Coupe

Used Smart Fortwo Coupe 2003 - 2007

It's trendy and fun, but too small and too quirky to have main...

ForTwo EQ Coupe

Used Smart ForTwo EQ 2018 - present

Fun, and probably the nicest of the ForTwo cars, bu...

Roadster Sports

Used Smart Roadster 2003 - 2006

It's a fun car to own, but you'll lose out when you come to se...