Ssangyong Musso long-term test: report 3

The Ssangyong Musso has been our favourite budget pick-up for the last two years. But now we're seeing if it's as impressive when you live with it every day...

Ssangyong Musso driving

The car Ssangyong Musso 2.2 Saracen Auto 4WD Run by Oli Kosbab, senior videographer

Why it’s here To discover if a pick-up can really be an alternative to an SUV, and whether this bargain-priced Musso is the best in its class

Needs to Offer masses of storage for video equipment and be a comfortable place to spend time during the many miles that will be racked up travelling from shoot to shoot

 Miles 1480 List price £33,831 Target Price NA Price as tested £36,306 Official economy 29.7mpg Test economy 26.0mpg

20 August 2020 – Back at work

The Ssangyong Musso’s practicality continues to impress. I’ve been using its load bed to film from recently – it’s nice and socially distanced back there, after all – with the split tailgate making this particularly easy and safe.

LT Ssangyong Musso hard-top open

True, it’s a shame the ride is so bouncy on poorer surfaces, because this means it’s harder to keep the shot steady than it would be in some other types of vehicle. However, that’s the nature of a pick-up; if it had a tonne in it, rather than 100kg of occupant and equipment, I’m sure it would feel rather more tied down.

A bigger disappointment is fuel economy. While shooting the new Land Rover Defender alongside a Jeep Wrangler and Mercedes G-Class recently, I was surprised to find that the Musso couldn’t match any of their figures. I’m lucky to see 28mpg on a long motorway run, whereas all of these big 4x4s could easily return more than 30mpg.

LT Ssangyong Musso off road

Still, it was nice to be on a test featuring rough terrain, where the Musso felt in its element. I can see why power and construction companies spec pick-ups for so much work: the high ground clearance means it can get anywhere I need it to, including places vans would have no chance.

I’m also pleasantly surprised by how much attention the Musso gets. Okay, back in April it was a surprise just to see any car on the road, but even now it’s busier, the Musso seems to turn a lot of heads – particularly those of other pick-up drivers.

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