Step into the New Nissan ARIYA

Innovative technology, cosseting space and traditional Japanese design philosophies all combine in the New Nissan ARIYA...

Nissan ARIYA

The interior of the all-electric New Nissan ARIYA offers cosseting passenger space, intuitive technology and unique visual cues inspired by traditional Japanese crafts and design philosophies. Working together it creates a relaxing, inviting, high-quality lounge-like vibe unlike anything else.

It all starts with the New ARIYA's electric underpinnings. Affectionately called the ‘magic flying carpet’ by Nissan, the New ARIYA's CMF-EV platform has a flat open floor and compact motors in place of a traditional engine. The result: a longer wheelbase that delivers more room for passengers, and a blank canvas for Nissan’s designers.

Discover the New Nissan ARIYA

Open the door, and you're greeted by the Japanese idea of Omotenashi: a level of hospitality that offers more than what's expected, only for you. First, there's the warm welcoming glow of the ambient lighting (evoking traditional Andon paper lanterns), concealed under a carefully crafted latticework inspired by traditional Kumiko woodwork. Shut the door and the ambient lights dim, leaving just the START button pulsating as the invitation to start your journey.

Slim ventilated Zero Gravity seats and a power-adjustable centre console[1] build on the idea of Ma – a mastery of empty space by respecting its construction – while the large panoramic sunroof[1] adds to the airy open atmosphere.

Press the START button and the curved dual-screen digital display comes to life. Building on the idea of Sei (the clever treatment of structures and details) it uses two crisp 12.3-inch touchscreens that let you seamlessly swipe data between them. It also defies the convention of bulky tablets by understanding that we absorb information better when we scan horizontally from side-to-side, rather than up-and-down. As such, it embraces the spirit of Engawa – creating a space between the inside and outside of the New ARIYA; a space between here and there.

Finally, innovative haptic buttons that offer tactile feedback when pressed are seamlessly integrated into the high-quality wood grain-effect material of the dashboard, perfectly embodying the minimalistic concept of Iki – chic yet cutting-edge design. Simple, yet effective. Could anything better describe the New Nissan ARIYA?

Discover the New Nissan ARIYA

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