Suzuki Grand Vitara range revamped

* Cosmetic tweaks * Improved safety kit * More efficient engines...

Suzuki Grand Vitara range revamped

Safer, classier and cleaner are the keywords for Suzuki's updated Grand Vitara range.

A revised flagship five-door model with a 2.4-litre petrol engine is already on sale, but Suzuki has now extended the updates to the rest of the Grand Vitara range. The upgraded models come in new SZ3 or SZ4 trim and all have a range of cosmetic and mechanical tweaks.

External improvements include a new front grille and bumper, and redesigned door mirrors with integrated indicators. Inside, there are updated controls, a fresh information display and illuminated steering wheel controls.

Grand Vitara cleaner and safer
The three-door Grand Vitara gets the 2.4-litre petrol engine that was introduced in the five-door. Improvements to the existing 1.6 petrol and 1.9 diesel engines mean that they are more efficient:
1.6 petrol: CO2 emissions down from 199g/km 195g/km
1.9 diesel: CO2 emissions down from 189g/km 183g/km
Suzuki says that the changes make the 1.9 diesel more refined, too.

Safety kit's boosted, too stability control is now standard across the range, rear disc brakes have been added to the diesel version and 2.4 models, and extra shock-absorbing technologgy at the front of the car improves pedestrian safety.

At £13,600, the new entry-level 1.6 SZ3 three-door is no more expensive than the model it replaces. Prices for the 1.9 diesel start at £16,200, which is £400 higher than before.

A £ 600 premium takes you up to SZ4 trim, which adds rear privacy glass, a CD changer and upgraded stereo, larger alloy wheels and front foglamps.

The updated Grand Vitara three-door models are on sale now. Suzuki says that remaining stocks of the pre-face-lift five-door model are available, but these will be replaced by the ugraded car over the next few months.