The EX

* Infiniti EX and FX * Price from 36,000 * On sale June 2009...

The EX

First drive: the EX
Space is more of an issue in the smaller, BMW X3-rivalling, EX. Its more suited to anyone who doesnt often need to carry passengers in the back. It also suffers from a small boot a styling compromise Infiniti tells us.

Its nicer to drive than the FX: feeling more alert, yet still riding nicely over the French roads of our test route.

Infiniti interiors are both well built and stylish, with the quality running through every car from that paintwork to the audio system and, of course, the TOE!

Although numbers will be tiny in Infinitis first year in the UK, there has to be a question over residuals. Its a new upmarket brand bringing thirsty petrol-engined cars to the market not exactly the perfect recipe for strong resale values in the current climate.

Theres better news on the horizon, though. If you fancy an Infiniti 4x4, but cant stomach the running costs, hold on until 2010 when therell be a V6 diesel in both the EX and FX.