The world's cheapest car is launched

* Tata Nano will cost just 1350 * Euro version will be priced around 4500 * Will arrive here by 2011...

The world's cheapest car is launched

The Tata Nano, the world's cheapest car, has been launched in India.

The tiny four-door Nano will cost from 112,000 rupees (1350) when order books open next month. The first cars are expected to be delivered in July.

The car has a 33bhp, 624cc engine and misses out on luxuries such as airbags, air-conditioning or a radio.

Despite this shortage of equipment, the company expects demand to outstrip supply and that a ballot would be used to select the first 100,000 buyers to get the Nano.

There are plans for a European version of the car, to be called the Tata Nano Europa, which should arrive in showrooms by 2011.

The European version has a projected asking price of around 4500 (although Tata won't commit to an exact figure) and it will be sold in left- and right-hand-drive form.

The Nano Europa has been significantly modified from the standard Nano in order to meet stricter European standards. It has a sheet metal body and anti-lock brakes, while stability control and airbags will be offered.

It also gets bigger front and rear bumpers to comply with European crash regulations, making it slightly longer than the Nano.