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UK’s first electric car charging forecourt to open

First of 100 planned electric forecourts will open in November, offering 30 electric car chargers, plus shops, cafes and relaxation areas...

Electric forecourt

A new electric forecourt in Braintree, Essex aims to bring added convenience to electric car owners and make electric vehicle (EV) charging as simple and stress-free as using petrol stations. 

Instead of the rows of petrol and diesel pumps you get in a conventional service area, the electric forecourt has 30 EV chargers, including six Tesla Superchargers. Twelve of the other chargers are capable of operating at up to 350kW so they can add 200 miles of range to a car in as little as 20 minutes. 

Electric forecourt

If drivers need assistance with charging or technical information about their vehicle, there is a phone next to every charger that can be used to call a dedicated helpline manned by EV experts from the AA.

While drivers are waiting for their cars to charge, they can relax and shop in the two-storey building on site. On the ground floor there will be a number of shops and cafes, and on the first floor there’s an airport style lounge, business meeting room pods and a wellbeing area. The facility has free superfast wi-fi. 

There is also an education centre attached to the main building where people can find out more about electric vehicles and buy or lease one. 

Electric forecourt

Toddington Harper, Founder and CEO of Gridserve, which is behind the project, said: “Our UK-wide network of electric forecourts will eliminate range and charging anxiety, and represent so much more than the electric equivalent of modern petrol stations.

"We will deliver a fully loaded customer experience, offering the best of British retail and customer service to cater for a full range of consumer and driver needs.”

Electric forecourt

With forecourts sited close to powerful grid connections and highly populated areas or transport routes, the electric forecourt network will be powered by zero-carbon solar energy and battery storage projects. To achieve this, Gridserve is developing several large solar farms as part of a Sun-to-Wheel initiative that ensures that 100% of the electricity used at its forecourts is renewable and, from the grid’s perspective, sustainable. 

The company owns the Clayhill Solar Farm in Bedfordshire, which provides the energy for the Braintree Electric Forecourt.

The Braintree site is part of a £1bn programme to develop a UK-wide network of 100 or more Electric Forecourts over the next five years.

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