Used car of the week: Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate

* Used version of the outgoing Mercedes C-Class Estate * Real-world examples * From What Car?'s Approved Used scheme...

Used car of the week: Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate

Approved Used Cars of the Week – Mercedes C-Class Estate 2008-2014

There’s a lot to like about the C-Class Estate. A stylish and versatile car, it’s one of the best estates on the used car market and Mercedes will be releasing a new version later this month.

With the imminent arrival of a new C-Class, you can now pick up the current model that first went on sale in 2008 from £12,000.

Good to drive in either its comfort or sports mode, it also has the biggest boot in its class and plenty of room for passengers, too.

The C220 CDI Exec is our pick as it has the best blend of performance and economy compared with the other C-Class models. The diesel version does a claimed 49.6mpg.

Go for SE trim because this brings alloys, climate control, Bluetooth, electrically adjustable seats and MP3 input. You also get comfortable suspension settings that provides a smoother ride than the sport versions.

Mercedes C-Class Estate problems

The C-Class makes a great load-lugger but there are still some things that owners should look out for.

Check the trim in the boot to make sure it hasn’t been damaged through heavy use.

There have been several recalls to repair fuel leaks and engine failures, so check that this remedial work has been done.

Some early cars suffered gearbox issues, but a software update should have fixed this. Make sure that this has been carried out.

Cars registered on or after 1 April 2008 should provide rescue cover with the Mercedes-Benz Mobilo service. The cover lasts for four years from the date of registration, so check when the car was first registered to see if there is any cover left.

Give the alloys a check, too because some owners have reported that they can corrode around the hubcap.

Head to What Cars?'s Approved Used section to find Mercedes C-Class Estates for sale.

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