Used test: Abarth 595 vs Volkswagen Up GTI costs

These two tiny tots both offer maximum bang for the buck, but which one makes more sense used? Read on to find out...

New Volkswagen Up GTI vs Abarth 595

What will they cost?

There’s not a lot in it on purchase price now. New, the 595’s list price was around £1750 more than the Up’s. Buy them at this age, though -  between 18 months and two years old - and that difference has fallen to around £400.

The Up should also be the far cheaper car to run. Its 1.0-litre engine is more fuel efficient and it costs much less to insure.

New Volkswagen Up GTI vs Abarth 595

The Up scores better for safety, too; its five-star Euro NCAP rating thrashes the older 595’s three-star performance. You could even specify automatic emergency braking on your Up GTI when it was new, as a £380 option, and it’s certainly worth looking for one which had this box ticked when you’re hunting for a used one.

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