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Used test: Alfa Romeo Giulia vs Volvo S60 interiors

By choosing used, you can make a huge saving off the price of either of these stylish executive cars. But is it the Giulia or S60 that gets our vote?...

Alfa Romeo Giulia interior


Driving position, visibility, build quality, practicality

The Volvo S60 has the more comfortable and supportive front seats of our pair – the Alfa Romeo Giulia's seat could do with more under-thigh support – though you might prefer the lower-slung, sportier driving position in the Giulia. 

Seeing out of the front is trickier in the Giulia, with its thicker windscreen pillars getting in the way at junctions and roundabouts. Mind you, the over-the-shoulder visibility is worse in the S60. 

Volvo S60 interior

When it comes to interior quality, the Giulia lags behind. Even if you seek out an example that came with the optional £895 leather-wrapped dashboard from new, it fails to feel anywhere near as solid or classy inside as the S60 does. Our only complaint with the S60's interior setup is that the climate controls are quite small, fiddly buttons on the (otherwise high-quality) 9.0in touchscreen.  

The Giulia's 8.8in infotainment screen isn't as crisp and clear as the S60's one, but it's easier to use as you're driving. Why? Well, you can operate it using a handy rotary dial mounted between the front seats. The Giulia also has physical climate controls – hallelujah!

Alfa Romeo Giulia back seats

Front space is great in both cars and while the S60 has the least leg and head room in the back – anyone taller than around 6ft will probably notice their head brushing the ceiling – the Giulia is only marginally roomier.

The Giulia has standard 40/20/40 split-folding rear seats. Strangely, the Volvo's seats don't fold at all – although you do get a ski hatch – unless the original owner paid an extra £400. 

Volvo S60 rear seats

While the Giulia's boot is larger in capacity, the boot's opening and overall shape isn't as square as the S60's, meaning it's actually the S60 that swallows more carry-on suitcases – seven to the Giulia's six. 

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