Used test: Audi SQ2 vs Cupra Ateca costs

Buy either of these two sports SUVs at 18 months old and you'll save plenty of money, but which one should you go for? We have the answer...

Audi SQ2 side

What will they cost? 

The SQ2 was the more expensive car new, but bought at 18 months old it’s by a small margin the cheaper of the two. There are fewer Cupra Atecas around, which may well be the reason for its better residual values at this age. However, the Ateca costs fractionally less to insure, service and fuel, and if that heavier depreciation were to continue going forwards the SQ2 would cost more in that department too. 

Neither car featured in this form in our most recent reliability survey, but the standard models on which they’re based did. The Audi Q2 finished 16th out of 18 in the small SUV class, while the Ateca finished 11th out of 21 in the family SUV category.

Cupra Ateca side

Audi as a brand finished in a disappointing 20th place out of 31 manufacturers, while Seat finished in 15th place. 

The pair are almost inseparable when it comes to safety with five-star Euro NCAP safety ratings. They protect adults almost equally well (very well, that is), but the SQ2 protects children slightly better.

Standard equipment when new

Audi SQ2

Audi SQ2 front grille badge

Alloy wheel size 18in
Adaptive cruise control Option
Wireless phone charging Option
DAB radio/Bluetooth/sat-nav Yes/Yes/YesDigital 
Digital instruments Optional
Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Yes/Yes
Leather seats Option
Adjustable lumbar support Option
Parking sensors front/rear Option/Yes
Rear-view camera Option
Keyless entry/start Option

Cupra Ateca

Cupra Ateca front grille badge

Alloy wheel size 19in
Adaptive cruise control Option
Wireless phone charging Yes
DAB radio/Bluetooth/sat-nav Yes/Yes/Yes
Digital instruments Yes
Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Yes/Yes
Leather seats No
Adjustable lumbar support Yes
​​​​​​​Parking sensors front/rear Yes/Yes
Rear-view camera Yes
​​​​​​​Keyless entry/start Yes

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