Used test: Kia Picanto vs Volkswagen Up

The Kia Picanto and Volkswagen Up are two sizzling little city cars, but which one makes the most sense bought used? We've got the answer...

New Kia Picanto vs Volkswagen Up

What will they cost?

New, the Picanto would have set you back about £700 more than the Up, but at two years old, as here, that difference has crept up to roughly £1800. Both cars offer excellent value for money at this age, however, with very decent savings on the price of a new one, but it seems it’s the Up that’s shed most value.

That makes it cheaper to buy now, of course, which is a bonus, but it does mean it might cost you more in depreciation when you come to sell it again in two or three years time. 

New Kia Picanto vs Volkswagen Up

 In fact, the Up is slightly cheaper to fuel and service. However, the Picanto is more lavishly equipped, adding cruise control, a reversing camera, rear parking sensors, rear electric windows and climate control over the Up’s kit list. The Picanto has the edge for safety, too, with automatic emergency braking (AEB) coming as standard, whereas this was part of a £375 option pack on the Up.

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