Used test: Kia Rio vs Skoda Fabia

If you're looking for a great small car the Rio and the Fabia are two of our favourites, but which one makes the most sense bought used? Read on to find out...

Skoda Fabia

What will they cost?

New, it was the Rio that would have set you back more by just over £500, but bought at two-years-old that’s risen to £2000. That can be viewed in two ways, of course: either that the Rio has the better residual values, or that the Fabia is the better value at this age. If the same residuals were to be displayed for both cars in the future, it might mean that the Fabia would cost you more in depreciation, although the actual figures would be fairly modest.

Kia Rio

Meanwhile, there’s barely anything to split these cars on everyday running costs, although the Rio officially drinks a little less fuel. Tax and insurance costs are the same, while the Fabia is a little cheaper on servicing.

The Rio gives you more luxuries for your money. Front and rear electric windows are standard – the Fabia makes do with wind-up windows in the rear – and the Rio also gets cruise control, automatic headlights, power-folding door mirrors and a front centre armrest, all of which would have cost extra on the Fabia. Both come with a leather-trimmed steering wheel (with stereo controls) and air conditioning.

New Kia Rio vs Skoda Fabia

An automatic emergency braking system – which should prevent you accidentally slamming into the car in front around town – is standard on both, as are six airbags. The Rio also comes with a lane departure warning system that beeps if you’re straying from your lane. This set-up isn’t available on the Fabia at all, even as an option.

However, you do get peace of mind with the remainder, say in this example five years’ worth, of Kia’s class-leading seven-year/100,000-mile warranty, which knocks spots off the Fabia’s three-year/ 60,000-mile cover from new.

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