Used test: Mercedes-AMG GLC vs Porsche Macan

Two hairy-chested sporting SUVs now available for substantially less than their original price, but which one's worth splashing the cash on? We have the answer.....

New Mercedes-AMG GLC vs Porsche Macan

What will they cost? 

New, both of these cars would have cost you a substantial amount of money, with the GLC being around £6500 more. Bought at a couple of years old they’ll both set you back about the same, which might make the GLC look a bit of a bargain but could point to heavier depreciation which, if it were to carry on over the next few years of potential ownership, would add considerably to the car’s overall running costs. But it’s the on-paper saving on the price of a new version of either of these two that’s really impressive here, with the GLC costing over £20,000 less than a new one and the Macan about £14,000 less.

New Mercedes-AMG GLC vs Porsche Macan

The GLC’s phenomenal performance pushes up running costs, too. Private buyers will pay more for servicing and face slightly higher insurance bills, while the GLC will cost more to fuel; its 21.7mpg official WLTP average economy trails not only the Macan’s 24.8mpg but also the latter’s 25.3mpg return in True MPG testing. 

New Mercedes-AMG GLC vs Porsche Macan

Both cars scored five stars in their Euro NCAP crash tests but overall ratings don’t tell the whole story. The GLC outperformed the Macan in every category and is streets ahead when it comes to safety aids. The Macan didn’t even come with automatic emergency braking (AEB) – a highly unusual omission for this class and a sign of the Macan’s age.

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