Volvo: No aspirations to be 'young or funky'

* Volvo marketing boss says that brand is 'deliberately different' * Feels rivals are 'sounding and looking the same' * Confirms target sales of 800,000 cars a year...

Volvo: No aspirations to be 'young or funky'

Volvo has no interest in being ‘just a young, funky brand’, according to marketing and sales boss Alain Visser.

Speaking at the launch of the 2015 Volvo XC90, Visser said: ‘All of our rivals are shouting out, screaming for customers, but they all end up sounding and looking the same.

‘Our approach is deliberately different. We are chasing just 800,000 car sales a year – up from 420,000 now – so we can take an alternative approach because we only want a small market share. We are proud of being understated and are confident in being Swedish.

‘That gives us values others don’t have, and gives buyers who are fed up with buying from the German brands a chance to show some individuality. They [rivals] can do what they want to do, but we are happy to stand for something different.'