What does Chrysler leaving the UK mean for owners and their cars?

Chrysler has announced it will stop selling new cars in the UK from 2017\. What does that mean for current owners?...

What does Chrysler leaving the UK mean for owners and their cars?

Chrysler is to stop selling cars in UK so we've investigated what this means for Chrysler owners and their cars.

When is Chrysler backing out of the UK?

New Chryslers will stop being sold in the UK some time in 2017. We'll know precisely when later this year.

Why is the company leaving the UK?

In essence, it's because of slow sales. In 2014, Chrysler sold less than 2000 cars. This is partly down to the small range of models, most of which - the Grand Voyager in particular - are getting on a bit. Also, CO2 ratings are high on the 300C and Grand Voyager, but it's worth noting that the Ypsilon is competitive in this area.

The decision to stop selling in the UK will mean that current Chrysler dealerships can focus their attention on selling more Jeep models.

What does this mean for owners?

Owners needn't worry. Until 2017 there will still be Chrysler dealerships on hand and warranties will still be valid.

A spokesman for Chrysler has said that Chrysler-brand aftersales mandates and operations will continue and that all warranties and service agreements will be fully honoured.

What if something goes wrong with my car?

You'll still be able to take your car to a dealership or an independent garage to get it repaired up to 2017.

After 2017, you will take your car to a dealership that is part of the Jeep network or any other approved garage.

Don't worry, your car will not be orphaned.

Will parts still be available?

Thanks to part sharing within the Fiat Group we don't anticipate a problem. The Ypsilon in particular shares a number of parts with Fiat models, and so should be well catered for. Also, the Delta, which is no longer on sale, is based on a Fiat Bravo.

Is now a good time to buy a new one, presumably the prices are low?

If you like the car and you're happy to hold on to it for a while then maybe, although be prepared for the resale figures to weaken. We've found savings of between £5000 and £6000 on new Chrysler Grand Voyagers at Coast2CoastCars.co.uk. If space, practicality and a generous specification are important to you, it's worth a look, although bear in mind that it is comparatively expensive to run compared to some rivals.

Where can I find more information?

Call Chrysler customer services on 00800 1692 1692.

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