Who makes a Mini Cooper Convertible bike

Who makes a Mini Cooper Convertible bike

Q: I've fallen in love with the Mini Cooper Convertible, but I need to know if it can carry my bike. Do any companies make racks for it?
James Green, via e-mail

A: You're in luck - Mini makes its own bike rack for the convertible. The bad news is that it isn't cheap.

First, you'll need a 'rear rack system' (380). Then you'll need the bike rack itself, which will cost you another 52.

That's not all, because the apparatus will obscure your Mini's tail-lights, so, to stay on the right side of the law, you'll also need a 'lights kit' (64), and an 'electric kit' (155) to wire them up.

In total, you'll be shelling out 650. If you went for the hatchback version, you'd get away with spending just 185 (120 on a 'base support system' and 65 on a 'touring cycle holder').

Unfortunately, there's no towbar currently available for the Cooper Convertible, so that rules out a number of cheaper aftermarket bike racks which attach to a towbar.