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Used Nissan GT-R
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What should I look for in a used Nissan GT-R coupe?

Okay, this is a supercar that’ll be used by owners anxious to exploit all that potential, so check the bodywork carefully for any signs of damage. Have a good look at the alloy wheels and make sure they haven’t suffered any kerb damage. It’s worth trying to find out if any of the car’s mileage has been attained on a track, as such use can mean that it should have had more regular servicing. Always aim for a car with an average mileage for the year and a fulll service history, with evidence of main dealer servicing.

On the whole owners praise their GT-Rs in long-term use, with few reported specific problems. It has a strong reputation for reliability, and the mechanical package is surprisingly robust. There are reports of a rattle caused by a mobile bearing in the flywheel shaft, which seems to affect all cars to a greater or lesser degree and is expensive to set right. Gearboxes in earlier cars had problems with the attached solenoids and could, in a few cases, need complete replacement. Check for smooth changes. Brakes, both pads and discs, will need looking at as they often wear out quickly, especially if used on a track.

Nissan as a brand hasn’t done so well in our most recent reliability surveys, and in the last one it finished in 27th place out of 31 manufacturers. The GT-R is too rare a car for any specific data to filter through to this survey, alas.

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Used Nissan GT-R

What are the most common problems with a used Nissan GT-R coupe?

Is a used Nissan GT-R coupe reliable?

Used Nissan GT-R
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