Used Porsche Cayenne 4x4 2003 - 2010 review

Category: Large SUV

Section: Advice for buyers

Porsche Cayenne 4x4 (03 - 10)
  • Porsche Cayenne 4x4 (03 - 10)
  • Porsche Cayenne 4x4 (03 - 10)

Advice for buyers

What should I look for in a used Porsche Cayenne 4x4?

Warranty Direct says it has discovered of a few air-con failures, and some faults in the charging system, but little else.

There have been three recalls on the car, all affecting S and Turbo models built before the end of March 2003. The first was a result of part of the handbrake rubbing on the wiring loom, while the second concerned a potential fire in the fuel tank and the third was a result of possible problems with the front passenger seat.