Used Seat Arona 2018-present review

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Used Seat Arona 18-present
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What should I look for in a used Seat Arona hatchback?

The Arona is a small SUV aimed at family car buyers, so check the interior for stains on the carpets and seats and watch out for scratched plastic trim.

Also, have a look at the alloy wheels; FR models and above come with bigger alloy wheels that are more susceptible to kerb damage, so make sure there are no large chunks of metal that have been taken out of any of them.

Used Seat Arona 18-present

What are the most common problems with a used Seat Arona hatchback?

The Arona was recalled in the summer of 2018 over a design flaw with its rear seatbelts; the weight of the middle passenger shifting to the side during a high-speed emergency lane change could unbuckle the seatbelt of the person sitting next to them. Seat has therefore advised owners not to use the middle seat until the recall work has been carried out. Contact your local Seat dealer to make sure the car you're considering has been fixed.


Is a used Seat Arona hatchback reliable?

Used Seat Arona 18-present
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