Used Subaru Outback 15- present

Used Subaru Outback 2015- present review

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What used Subaru Outback estate will I get for my budget?

New, the Subaru Outback is broadly competitive with its premium rivals from Audi, BMW and Volvo on price, but noticeably pricier than the competition from Skoda and Volkswagen. On the second-hand market this translates, along with the car’s reasonable residual values, to some fairly strong used prices. The good news is there are a few to choose from, and there are still good buys to be had. Around £20,000 kicks off the newer shape Outback, that being what you’ll need for a 2015 car with an average mileage, while upping the cash to £22,000 to £25,000 buys you a low mileage 2016 car.

Of more of a problem might be the running costs. Neither the petrol or the diesel are particularly economical, with correspondingly high CO2 emissions figures, so cars registered before April 2017 are likely to attract a high VED annual tax rate. The diesel version with a manual gearbox is the best bet there, with reasonable emissions of 145g/km. Parts are expensive, too, though so far it seems the Outback continues Subaru’s usual solid record for reliability, with few reported problems.

As far as servicing goes, Outbacks need one every 12 months or 9000 miles, and it could potentially be pricey, as could getting to your nearest potentially far-flung Subaru dealer. Subaru doesn’t at the time of writing offer a fixed price servicing plan.


Used Subaru Outback 15- present

How much does it cost to run a Subaru Outback estate?

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