Vauxhall Astra Estate (98 - 04)

Used Vauxhall Astra Estate 1998 - 2004 review

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(1998 - 2004)
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Which used Vauxhall Astra estate should I buy?

The first rule of Astra buying is: take your time picking a car, and be choosey - Astras are available everywhere.

There's also a wealth of engines and trims to wade through, so forget the entry-level 1.4 and eight-valve 1.6 petrols straight away. We'd also avoid the stone-age 1.7 diesels and the 2.0Di.

That leaves the 1.6 16v (a really good all-rounder, and the best balance of price and performance), the nippy 1.8, or super-quick 143bhp 2.2 (from June 2002 on) if you want a petrol model. The 2.0 DTi and later CDTi are the best of a relatively poor bunch of diesels.

In terms of equipment, the newer the model you buy, the more it's likely to get, because, as with engines, improvements were made over the years. Envoys have virtually nothing, LSs are reasonably well catered for, but you'll need a Club or Comfort if you want to be sure of getting air-conditioning.

CD and CDX add more toys, and were available up to 2001. Even more highly specified Elegance cars took their place in 2002.