Used Vauxhall Vectra Hatchback 2002 - 2009 review

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Section: Ownership cost

2002 - 2009 review
Vauxhall Vectra Hatchback (02 - 09)
  • Vauxhall Vectra Hatchback (02 - 09)
  • Vauxhall Vectra Hatchback (02 - 09)
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Ownership cost

What used Vauxhall Vectra hatchback will I get for my budget?

How much does it cost to run a Vauxhall Vectra hatchback?

The only killer will be depreciation. New Vectras are sold in huge numbers at discounted prices to businesses and rental firms, and they've all got to be resold somewhere. Trouble is, used supply exceeds demand.

That's great news if you're buying a two- or three-year-old example - plenty of choice, competitive prices - but it's not so great if you're trying to flog a three-year-old Vectra after paying too much for it as a nearly new car.

That's not to say you shouldn't buy a nearly new car. Just make sure you factor likely resale prices into the equation before you sign up.

Happily, there's precious little else to worry about, so long as you steer clear of (or don't mind) V6 models, which are far thirstier and more expensive to service.

The diesels will give an official average of 50mpg (the V6 diesel about 10 less) and the petrols high 30s. The LPG 1.8s are stiff on insurance; otherwise, premiums are, like service costs, decent enough.