Used Volkswagen Polo Hatchback 1994 - 2002 review

Category: Small car

Section: Ownership cost

1994 - 2002 review
Volkswagen Polo Hatchback (94 - 02)
  • Volkswagen Polo Hatchback (94 - 02)
  • Volkswagen Polo Hatchback (94 - 02)
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Ownership cost

What used Volkswagen Polo hatchback will I get for my budget?

How much does it cost to run a Volkswagen Polo hatchback?

This shape Polo is cheap as chips to buy these days, and many have seen better days so try to find one with as much service history as possible.

Once you're in the Polo club, staying a member is cheap. The worst of the depreciation is in the past and fuel costs are low. The 1.4 petrols give 40-45mpg, the 1.6 just under 40mpg, and the diesels can deliver high 50s.

Insurance, meanwhile, is average (group 7 for the 1.0, rising to the 1.4 16v's group 20), and although servicing will be slightly dearer than on a Ford Fiesta, you can cut labour rates by going to an independent specialist.