Used Volkswagen Touran MPV 2015 - present review

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Used Volkswagen Touran MPV (15 - present)
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What should I look for in a used Volkswagen Touran MPV?

What are the most common problems with a used Volkswagen Touran MPV?

This generation of Touran might only be a couple of years old, but that’s still plenty of time for one to have accrued cosmetic damage, particularly given the task it faces of transporting families and their kit. Look for scratched alloys and paintwork, as well as any dents on the body panels.

Inside the car, ensure there are no loose bits of trim and that all the seats slide and fold as they should.

The Touran has been recalled once to date to rectify a possible issue with the car not informing its driver if one of the lights fails. This affects Tourans built between June 2015 and November 2016.

While there are no reports of common failures on the Touran to date, it is still worth paying a bit of extra attention to any car fitted with a DSG automatic. In the past, Volkswagen has suffered some fairly expensive problems with these gearboxes, and although it now appears to be on top of them, it’s still worth looking out for juddering, particularly as the car slows down.

As with any car, it’s also important to keep on top of servicing so look for evidence that it’s been done, and try out any and all electrical functions to ensure they work.

Worth keeping in mind is the fact that the Touran has slightly below-average reliability, according to the latest What Car? Reliability Survey.


Used Volkswagen Touran MPV (15 - present)

Is a used Volkswagen Touran MPV reliable?

Used Volkswagen Touran MPV (15 - present)
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