Used Volvo C70 Coupe Cabriolet 2006 - 2013 review

Category: Convertible

Section: Advice for buyers

2006 - 2013 review
Volvo C70 Coupe Cabriolet (06 - 13)
  • Volvo C70 Coupe Cabriolet (06 - 13)
  • Volvo C70 Coupe Cabriolet (06 - 13)
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Advice for buyers

What should I look for in a used Volvo C70 sports?

As with other coupe/convertibles, the folding roof can be a major bugbear for owners.

Squeaks and rattles are the biggest issue, ranging in severity from a minor irritation to mind-bending annoyance. Dealers can fix the issue, but it can take more than one visit. Some owners swear by lubrication of the roof's weather seals, but consult your dealer before you do this. The roof can also jam while in use, requiring it to be removed, repaired and then refitted. This takes time and could prove to be expensive.

Other problems include brittle cabin trim, particularly around the centre console and armrest area, and a complete electrical failure.

It might be best to look for cars with 17-inch wheels, rather than the 18-inch alloys which are standard on SE Lux models, because they do the ride quality no favours at all.


What are the most common problems with a used Volvo C70 sports?

Is a used Volvo C70 sports reliable?