Used Volvo S60 Saloon 2000 - 2009 review

Category: Executive car

Section: Advice for buyers

Volvo S60 Saloon (00 - 09)
  • Volvo S60 Saloon (00 - 09)
  • Volvo S60 Saloon (00 - 09)

Advice for buyers

What should I look for in a used Volvo S60 saloon?

Front tyre wear is a problem common to all S60s because the powerful engines drive the front wheels; it's easy to get through a set in 12,000 miles, so allow for this in your budget.

When looking at a D5, make sure the engine idles smoothly. If not, it can be a sign that the injectors are packing up, which is a pricey fix. The petrol engines can also suffer from a lumpy idle, but this is more likely to be the air mass sensor and that's a cheaper problem to rectify.